Torch Pierces Too High


Pierce height is set via the AUTO F/S settings, or manually with M207. Follow the steps below for troubleshooting regarding the torch piercing too high.


Reset trigger depth

Reason: Torch touch trigger depth set incorrectly

Torch touch trigger depth is the difference between the Z location where the torch touches the material and the Z location where the touch switch in the floating Z head registers a touch-off.

View the torch touch trigger depth setup process, here.

Check programming

Reason: Wrong material picked in Auto F/S or M207 not set

If using M200 Auto F/S, ensure that you have selected the correct material on the Main tab of PathPilot.

Using the M200 Auto F/S system chooses a pierce height appropriate for the selected material.

If not using M200 Auto F/S to set pierce height automatically, make sure that you have a call to M207 in your program to explicitly set a pierce height.

For more information on 1300PL specific G and M codes, please reference your operator manual.