Torch Drags on the Material When Cutting


Cut height is set via the AUTO F/S settings, or manually with M210 torch height control voltage and M208 set cut height command. Follow the steps below for troubleshooting regarding the torch dragging on your material while cutting.

Table of Contents

Check Auto F/S or M208 value

Reason: M208 cut height set too low

If using M200 Auto F/S, ensure that you have selected the correct material and consumables on the Main tab of PathPilot.

If you are manually specifying a cut height in your G-Code with M208, make sure that the P value for height matches the consumables being used, cut current, and material.

After Executing a G16 pierce, PathPilot will move the torch to the height specified by M208 or the Auto F/S system.

If this height is too low, Torch Height Control may not be able to activate and take over control of the Z-axis because of safety limits on the torch voltage.

Check plasma source settings

Reason: Plasma source amperage set too low

If you are using the Auto F/S Material Picker, make sure that you have your plasma source cut current set to match the value suggested on the Main tab of PathPilot.

If you are using the Hypertherm control kit to allow PathPilot to control cut current and air pressure, verify that the adapter is connected to the controller’s USB port and the RS-485 cable in to the back of the plasma source.


If you continue to have issues, contact Tormach Technical Support.